Thank you to all who came to the first NICE TO MEET YOU, it was an incredibly special night – a celebration in the sky that signified NTMY had begun! For those of you who couldn’t make it, let us tell you what happened…

We were joined by a full house of you lovely readers on Wednesday evening for the inaugural night of NICE TO MEET YOU. With our eyes glued to the windows all day, worried that the heavens might burst just as we opened the doors, it was pretty harried here at Art Wednesday HQ as all hands were on deck, busy setting up and getting ready to meet everyone.

With the roof set up, the lovely Rose manning the BBQ, books on display curated by Clare de Rouen bookshop, bunting hung, plasma screens connected for Hellicar & Lewis, and the sun finally shining, we bounded down the stairs to reception in anticipation for the meet and great. Online Editor Marissa was on the door ticking people off the list and handing out NICE TO MEET YOU stickers with first names on. Everyone then ascended the four flights of stairs to the roof.

The night kicked off with smokin’ hot jerk chicken straight off the barby and drinks provided by Background Bars, portraits were being drawn for the NICE TO MEET YOU wall, and people were milling around meeting and greeting, and having a gold ol’ chin wag.  As the last of the guests trickled in, everyone got comfy on seats and blankets under the inflatable roof, waiting for the night to kick off. NTMY organiser Luke, took the stage to introduce the event, followed by Joel Hellicar and Peter Lewis who gave an inspirational and emotionally charged talk on how they got together, work they’d done for various brands, such as Coca Cola and finally, how they harnessed what they do to help children with autism. As we looked around there wasn’t a face that wasn’t captivated with wide-eyed interest and awe.

As the sun began to set, Gabriel Bruce in association with Luv Luv Luv records, then stepped up to the stage to perform a unique set that finished off an unforgettable evening. As everyone swayed the music, we finally sat back and relaxed, happy that the night had been a big success. We were also completely tickled pink that you had ripped off the smiles and ‘chances’ from the sheets of paper we had placed on the stairs on the way up to the roof. Big smiles all round chaps.