We’ve had our beady eyes on Sister by Sibling since we spotted cheerleading pom poms sewed onto hats and garments last season. The pom poms were back, but even bigger and better forming frothy tutu skirts, cardis and even the whole dress in one look, which when squinting hard enough made the model look like a shaggy dog walking on hind legs – obviously in keeping with the label’s tongue and cheek ethos. In fact animals popped up a few times throughout the show in the appearance of lime green and black leopard print. But animals aside, we did think that ‘Warriors in Woolworths’ was a rather fitting theme, as the designer trio appeared to have raided Woolworths’ (RIP) pick in mix sweets – models strutted out defiantly in candy-coloured knitted cardis, white polo dresses and ice cream pastel stripes.

There was still that sense of rebellion running through the collection that Sister by Sibling are known for – models’ faces were concealed with their signature crocheted masks, but they’ve moved into a girly realm more suited to summer, as tutu skirts were frosted with white trimmings, feminine twin sets were adorned with eye-popping pink Staffordshire china prints and neon-brights bloomed with flowers ready for spring.

Images copyright: Christopher Dadey.