Following a blustery rooftop session for our last NICE TO MEET YOU on Dalston Roof Park, we are beating the elements, moving the outdoors in (there will be shrubbery) and pairing up with Christie’s art fair, Multiplied for a one off NTMY that’s (even if we do say so ourselves) perfectly timed for Frieze Art Fair. Multiplied is a free entry fair that endeavours to provide art works and editions at all costs to avoid the elitism of much of the global art fair movement, something that makes them a pretty obvious pairing for us. Expect the usual festival vibe, complete with hay bales, blankets (hopefully not so essential as before) and our punchiest line up ever.

Seeing as this is, after all, an art fair, we have two artists lined up to speak, the first is technical master of drawing and sculpture, Charles Avery. Over the last decade he has created a fantastical and heavily documented island with a whole community of inhabitants ranging from the absurd to the ridiculous. Second, we have possibly the only man who has made his likeness out of his own blood and acquired respect for it, Marc Quinn. Marc Quinn is a giant in the art world, creating mammoth works that focus on idol worship, modern celebrity and the crossovers and contradictions between the natural and the cultural.

Luv luv luv will yet again be providing musical entertainment in the form of wonder kid Pixie Geldof’s band Violet, who is set to blow the socks off the critics – we had a wonderful moment last time she played for us, watching all the cynics turned with about two notes of her smokey voice. She is fast stepping out of the shadow of her family’s legacy and gaining critical acclaim in her own right, as a modest and deeply talented natural performer.

Where: Multiplied Art Fair 

When: Friday 12th October

Shop: Claire De Rouen will be there offering an inspirational selection of books to feed your brain

Food: William Norris will be serving finger lickin’ good food.

Artists: Charles Avery & Marc Quinn will be giving you a unique insight into their worlds & influences 

Music: Pixie Geldof’s band Violet 

As a group of people quite clearly so interested in art, we are very excited to have our first artist speakers of the whole NTMY series. Charles Avery has been working on his fantastical world for over ten years now, and the painstaking level of skill and dedication that has gone into it would possibly have had him labelled totally raving mad, where it not for his occupation as an artist, as would all his detailed descriptions of the inhabitants who live there and their rituals, even down to their addiction to eating pickled eggs. The psychological aspects of this created universe are just as much a part of the work as the fantastical imagery, with complexly imagined creatures haunting the communities’ psyches and their enslavement to the island they inhabit. We are not yet aware of Avery’s topic of conversation, but we would imagine that pretty much anything he has to say will be slathered in the same madcap creativity.

Marc Quinn is recognisable most recently for his beautiful and deformed sculpture that stood as centre piece to the bold and ballsy paralympics opening ceremony. He was clearly picked for this because of his huge legacy as sculptural master, and as a man not afraid to step up to cultural taboos and tackle them head on. In recent years he has created Kate Moss as a yoga guru, quite possibly one of the only pieces of modern art other than Hirst’s shark that’s recognisable to both art experts and Sun readers, and his own bloodied head ‘Self’ took pride of place in legendary 90′s Saatchi show, ‘Sensation’. We have been missing artists courting controversy in recent years since the boom of the YBAs, and although his appearance in one of the most culturally acceptable happenings in recent history hints at a total inclusion into the realms of acceptability, we reckon he has some rebellion left in him yet.


We hate to keep mentioning Pixie’s roots, but they seem such a sore point for people to look past, we feel we need to lay down the law and tell you that this is completely irrelevant to the storm she is brewing in the music scene. So, enuf said, to the music – Pixie adds a soft and whimsical, soulful voice to a band, described by the Guardian as similar to the “spectral, smacked-out country (sounds) of Cowboy Junkies and Mazzy Star” and inspired by grunge band, Hole. We think big things are to come for Violet, so be one of the first to see them live!