Here at Art Wednesday we love new ways to look at things. So, when we heard that novelist Tony White, ex-Jam keyboard player Jamie Telford and innovative psychedelic drum pop band Beaty Heart were teaming up with ten new writers to re-imagine Bristol’s cityscape in a new soundwork, our ears pricked up in anticipation of something special.

If you’re wondering how exactly these mixed-media collaborators are going to pull this off, you’ll be pleased to know it’s simple. Missorts—the soundwork itself—is delivered directly to your smartphone via a free app. Then as you walk around the Redcliffe/Portwall area of Bristol, the location-triggered stories play out in your headphones. You could, of course, go rude-boy style and blare it out of your phone, but it’s not exactly N-Dubz—don’t say we didn’t warn you! What it is, though, is a collection of site-specific stories with a striking musical accompaniment, that unfold in your ears as you walk around; it’s invisible public art that changes as the city does. The stories, we’re told, tell tales of “lost love, unrealised aspirations and fantastical visions”, and offer an immersive experience that might well change how you look at your surroundings, for good.

The complete soundwork is only available ‘on location’, but MP3s of Jamie Telford’s Portwall Preludes and an extended remix of selected stories by Beaty Heart will be available to download for free wherever you are, so you don’t have to miss out on all of the action if you’re not Bristol-based.

If you are, then get yourself down to the launch of the work on Tuesday 20th November at St. Mary Redcliffe Church, where Beaty Heart will be remixing Missorts accompanied by live readings by Tony White. What’s more… it’s free!

Missorts is available to download [here] from 20th November.