Ides makes valium-soaked, dream-dazed, washed-out lo-fi laments that resonate the heart strings with a dull distortion. She even describes herself as ‘Sadcore’. Basically, get ready to weep. Her words are stark and there’s a beauty to her lack of poetics, but half-hidden under that cloak of power chords they have a touch of wolf in sheep’s clothing about them. When Ides came in to Art Wednesday HQ to play ‘Trains‘ for us, we weren’t exactly expecting train sets and Thomas the Tank Engine—just as well, really! What we did get though, was 3 minutes and 47 seconds of dark serenade. Watch the video below and you’ll understand just how powerful her striking whispers can be.

For more from Ides, head over to her SoundCloud page [here] or her Facebook page [here]