When we heard that Luke Sanger, aka Duke Slammer, wanted to make a mix just for us, we were over the moon. Fittingly, the mix that he made us was equally cosmic. Upon our first listen, we weren’t sure whether perhaps there had been some confusion, and we’d been sent a mix from those little green aliens from Toy Story. It does have a certain intergalactic groove to it, and it’s moreish. This has been on heavy rotation in AW HQ already as we go about our extraterrestrial business.

Luke’s been making tunes under the name Luke’s Anger for a while now, but on more of a bass-heavy techno variety. Since donning the Duke Slammer name he’s moved into a much more funky territory. He released his first Duke Slammer LP about a year ago and has since had five runs of 7″ singles that have all sold out, and even a super-fly gold cassette. His next LP What Four comes out next month and is jam-packed full of more fidgety 8-bit bangers. To get you hyped for that, and to pass the time between now and then, here’s his ingenious mix exclusively for Art Wednesday—2 Turntables and an Echo Pedal.

Duke Slammer // 2 Turntables and an Echo Pedal // AW Exclusive by Art Wednesday on Mixcloud

What Four is out on 10th December on Bonus Round Records. Head to their site [here] and check out more Duke Slammer [here]