32-year-old Irish artist Marianne Keating creates site-specific, interior and exterior installations, incorporating hand screenprinted wallpaper that covers both the ceiling and walls and multiple animated digital projections onto architectural facades. These digital projections often feature text, and we’re big on text at Art Wednesday – one of the reasons we wanted to find out more about Marianne. She even made a projection for this year’s Nuit Blanche in Paris: “through this use of language and social engagement, I explore parts of everyday life not often discussed, which opens a dialogue, allowing me to explore the use of private emotions in an open and public way. This text-based body of work explores different aspects of society’s private emotions by taking undisclosed private voices and projecting them back into environment from where they came. By giving these concerns a voice it can empower both the viewer and the viewee enabling a freedom unattainable in regular situations. It also connects with a public audience by investigating our private intimate thoughts and restoring ownership to the viewer by unmasking these private considerations in an open and public way.”

She grew up on the top of a mountain in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, so her head has been in the clouds from an early age – perfect for working as an artist.  But her head didn’t stay there too long, as she soon hot-footed it to Limerick to study at Limerick School of Art and Design. As soon as she’d finished her course, she began exhibiting extensively throughout Ireland and internationally, including exhibitions in London, Paris, New York, Melbourne, Shanghai and Blundez, Austria. And after graduating in 2002 with a BA in Fine Art, she jumped over the pond to the UK, to study an MA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, London.

Over the years she’s cleverly balanced her practice by working part-time in galleries, teaching art, working as a Print Technician and on various commissions, one of which included being shortlisted by the Beastie Boys for the art campaign for their last album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two: “being shortlisted by them was a pretty amazing feeling – to think that someone you had grown up listening too and admiring was aware of who you were and considering using your artwork for their album cover – these opportunities allows you to believe that dreams can come true and the hard work is always worth it.” And she didn’t stop there, she’s won awards including the Royal College of Art, Paris Residency Award (2012); Arts Council Ireland, Travel & Mobility Award (2012, 2011, 2007); Culture Ireland Award (2011 & 2010); South Tipperary County Council Individual Artist Bursary Award, (2011); Cork City Council Individual Artist Bursary Award (2011); Cork Printmakers Residency Award (2007); Art Trail Emerging Artist Award (2005) and the Jim Gilligan Award (2001). She’s also participated in residences at The Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France (2012), The Centre for Fine Print Research UWE, Bristol (2010), Druckswerkstatt, Kulturwerk des bbk, Berlin (2009) and Lower East Side Printshop, Manhattan, New York (2007). That was a mouthful – check out her work below.

For Marianne’s website [click here] and for her Vimeo [here


Flypaper (Detail)

Macropsia BAG

Macropsia Screenprint on Wallpaper

Exterior View 1

Famine Text

Internal Glow in the Dark Ink screenprinted on wallpaper and multi digital projections

Paris Sept 18-25 digital projection (Exterior View)

We are a Strange Loop, Screenprinted on paper 2012

We see things as we are, screenprint on wallpaper

Leave my Loneliness Unbroken

Stag & Deer

Love in the afternoon