Listen up folks, there’s a campaign afoot to get some young whipper snappers trading at Hoxton Street Market in the run up to Christmas. So, if you’re a bit arty farty (you probably are if you’re reading Art Wednesday), have things to sell or just want to make some extra cash to then spend it all on presents, sign up for a stall for 15th or 22nd December at the reduced rate of £15 a day (this includes insurance and trader license costs). Oh yes, it’s quite a bargain – and even Jamie Oliver is programming a food market in the area on the same days. And if you’re looking for something a little different to buy those loved ones, there are already new craft, design and fashion stalls signed up, so this is the place to go.

The market managers have given a price range guide of £5 – £30 per product, based on the current market and a special market carol service will be taking place at the market on the 15th December at 11am, followed by other local music and arts, a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Ah, lovely – if that doesn’t get you in the festive spirit, nothing will. This is your chance to join a long line of traders at a market that dates back to 1687, so folks, what are you waiting for?

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Er.. not sure we agree we these mugs though!