Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet isn’t known for sticking to convention; his music blends influences from every corner of a vast record collection. So when Bowie dropped his single online out of the blue, we reckon Kieran must have been sat stroking his chin, dreaming up a plan of how to ensure he wasn’t going to be undone by the old farts of the industry. The answer? Never mind a single, drop a whole album online, and with just one tweet announce it to the world. Rather a matter of fact tweet, too, simply reading: “I’m going to release a Four Tet LP today.”

0181 is an LP made up from previously unreleased rarities from way back before Four Tet had released his official debut. Delving into his archives has served him well. The LP’s a tour de force of his sonic repertoire, and takes us through it masterfully. Whether it’s coming, going, breaking into jazz, snapping into beaty rhythms, or stringing us along on a plateau of twinkles, there’s not a dull moment in the 38 minute ride we’re taken on by 0181. You can stream and download it below.

0181 will see a vinyl release “soon” through Kieran Hebden’s own Text Records. For Four Tet’s website [click here]