Callers are Ryan Seaton and Sara Lucas. Their third album Reviver came out earlier this month and features the single ‘Heroes’, which Ryan explained like this: “I knew a very old, thin man with an eye-patch, a cane, and no teeth that disagreed with me about everything and spent every single day calculating Pi as far as he could. At the end of each day, he always crumpled his pages of notes and threw them away. Then he would start all over again after a night of sleep. This song is about him and us and you.” There’s a lot to love in that statement, so we decided it’d be a good idea to probe the band with a typically goofy interrogation in the form of our Stupid Questions. Below are the responses we got back from Ryan. Enjoy.

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1. What would you serenade the panel with if you were to find yourself on The X Factor?

What is the X Factor? (Ed: It’s a lot of things.)

2. Take a picture of the least fashionable item in your wardrobe.

3. In three words, describe your ideal breakfast.

Coffee Egg Coffee.

4. What’s your opinion on bagpipes?


5. Do you find that shortening the word ‘coleslaw’ to simply ‘slaw’ makes the foodstuff itself somehow less appetizing?

Nope. I’m from Arkansas.

6. Take a picture of the thing you felt most guilty about consuming today.

7. Justin Beiber or Psy?


8. Top Gear or Top Gun?

Top Gun.

9. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

With coffee.

10. What was the worst gig you have ever been to, and why?

Milli Vanilli, Young MC and Pajama Party. Wait, that was the best show…

11. How many cats is too many cats?


12. Take a picture of a stranger while on public transport; try to guess what the now- irate stranger’s name might be, and what they do for a job.

No way. (Ed: Booooooo!)

13. Send us your favourite YouTube clip.

14. Which is the best colour in a pack of Skittles (‘tasting the rainbow’—i.e. eating them all at once—is a valid response)?

Haven’t had a Skittle in fifteen years. “Skittle” is an awful word…

15. If you were, which house tune from 3 years ago would you alter slightly, put into a pop structure, and make a killing out of?

His (my) own remake of a remake of ‘Scream and Shout’.

16. Pugs, or drugs? Or pugs on drugs?

Drugs, I guess.

17. What would you like the first line of your obituary to say?


18. Which song does your brain have as its screensaver?

Used to be “Back in Black” for two fucking years. Just the intro.

19. When was the last time you gave up your seat on the bus?

All the time. (Ed: good man.)

20. What’s your favourite joke?

What’s the last thing you want Willie Nelson to say when…… know it. (Ed: We didn’t, actually. Since googling it, though, we’re glad you left it where you did!)

21. Which alcoholic beverage leaves you with the least unpleasant hangover?


22. Which song instantly picks you up when you’re having, as medical experts call it, ‘a case of the Mondays’?

Back in Black.

23. Take a picture of whoever or whatever makes you get out of bed in the mornings.

24. Take a picture of your current favourite person (this may cause some arguments, but that’s alright).