We are always on the lookout for unusual art, here at Art Wednesday and Chris Shen’s INFRA fits the bill. The interactive artist’s super-sized installation pays tribute to the evolution of TV technology. Shen has fashioned an infrared sculpture from 625 wireless remote controls – the type you turn your tele on with that were designed by Eugene Polley (1915 – 2012) in 1955. By pressing a button a light would, as if by magic, turn on the TV – meaning no more getting up to switch it on and off, or to change channels – an invention that changed the way we watched TV. (And created a nation of couch potatoes.) Shen has created images out of the infra red lights, so with a pair of infra red goggles, the viewer can recognise these images as the lights illuminate the room. Pretty clever stuff, so get off your sofa and go see it.

INFRA is on until 3 February at 18 Hewett Street. For more info [click here]

Infra teaser from Chris Shen on Vimeo.

INFRA by Chris Shen from Protein® TV on Vimeo.