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About AWE Magazine

AWE – as in Art Wednesday Editorial (yes we thought the name was rather clever too). It's going to be a bi-annual publication focusing on arts, a bit of fashion and a lot of culture, and it looks, feels (and smells) pretty damn good.

In issue one we have some of the most outstanding people in their field contributing, including Paola Kudacki (photographer), William Eadon (photographer), The Selby (photographer), Robert Wilson (artist), Emily Hope (photographer), Scott Trindle (photographer), Maya Singer (, Lily Cole (model) and Jessica Brinton (Harper’s Bazaar & Sunday Times Style) to name but a few.

AWE Mission
As part of Art Wednesday we mirror and concur the same mission. We're an arts & culture magazine which aims to get you to try, explore and discover creative new things by providing the content, products and experiences you deserve to know.

AWE Vision
To create a culture magazine whereby we call upon all the talent invited to contribute, to push themselves in a way they have not had the opportunity to do previously in any other publications. Creativity and passion is at the very heart of everything we do.

AWE Values
At the heart of the Art Wednesday brand are three values:

•    Simplifying:
The intellectualisation of the art world bugs us. That’s why we simplify it for everybody in London to understand. Using wit and humour to poke fun at the clever clogs sometimes too.

•    Inspiring:
We create content that influences people to go and buy and create more things for themselves.

•    Connecting:
We know that London’s creative community are always looking to connect with heroes, people and companies that share their interests, beliefs and values. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to connect people together.

AWE Issue One
The first issue is B2 in format and is limited to only 2,000 copies. There is NO advertising in the inaugural issue and it’s a FREE publication that we’re distributing in the vein of the early issues of Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine.

AWE Stockists
Tate Modern Bookshop
Artword Books [Rivington Street & Broadway Market]
Claire de Rouen, Soho, London
KK Outlet, Shoreditch, London
Present, Shoreditch, London
London 1948, Shoreditch London
The Standard Hotel [Miami & NYC]
Opening Ceremony London


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